• Overcoming Self-Deception




    Overcoming Self-Deception

    by David R. Hibbert

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    When I first became a Christian, it seemed like everyone I met was concerned about doctrinal error. Do we believe the right things about the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, do we believe the right things about salvation, do we believe the right things about Jesus, do we believe the right things about the end times? In those early days, most error seemed to revolve around our interpretation of the scriptures. Today, however, much of the error that I have come across, isn’t due to our interpretation of the scriptures, but due to our philosophy of how we even approach the Scriptures. In this short book, I will look at what I believe is one of the most widespread errors in the church today, and then present a principle that will bring balance back to this error, as well as serve as a tool to avoid other errors in the future.



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    Overcoming Self-Deception David R. Hibbert

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    Its part of our automatic human defense mechanismWrite your own obituary, or a toast at your 80th birthday or 50th wedding anniversaryYou shortchange the other aspects of life—relationships, community involvement, self-care, to name a few—for the sake of work.Body image: Believing that you have to look a certain way to be happy is a trap for dissatisfaction.Positives from self-deceptionSlightly overrating ourselves at some times can be healthyIts only if they enter 12 Step treatment that they learn the self-deceptions and double think: I tried to stop but couldnt vs I was in denial that my drinking was a problem Looking back it seems I kept drinking long past the point I could stop on my own will power It took me years of consistent effort to develop my addiction including robbing drug stores and stealing drugs and/or money from relatives but once I got addicted I was compelled by my disease to rob drug stores and steal more money and/or drugs from relativesCan we blame our failure to recognize our sins on the Devil or someone else, or is human nature at its core? Do we deceive ourselves? Mark 7:20-23; Jeremiah 9:5-6; I John 1:8; Proverbs 12:20; Galatians 6:3-7Frost) I spent a lifetime in prison, got clean 20 years ago, and uncessingly search for way's to find (myself)The first step in learning to be assertive is to identify your own perceptions and opinionsIt goes back to our primeval history: Eat of this tree and you will surely dieHow your mind deceives you After all, it cannot be denied that an outsize sense of their own capacities has helped many successful people achieve goals that others said were impossible


    I came across this article on Achieve Solutions and I thought it might interest youShe told us how she was back on a diet that had worked for her years agoWe gave them big incentives to push them to establish ExchangeHut on their campusThis process, however, cannot cope with every eventualityFinding your authentic self takes honesty, awareness, consistent effort and timeThe self-deceptions of the alcoholic mind are unparalleledIn a previous article i said that if a student lacks self esteem when it comes to exams and if he is afraid to get bad grades he might find himself unable to concentrate whenever he tries to study without knowing whyAnd, as I had decided I would, I transformed it from summer work into a full-time jobToday, like many adults well along in life, I look back at my former self and shake my head at his mistaken notion of himselfFind ways to express yourself through these strengths.Stand upYou can make a pretty good guess about how that person would see you todayIts there precisely to prevent us from getting hurtWe have nothing to sell 5d8a9798ff


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